EDF Energies Nouvelles is a leading producer of electricity from renewable sources. The company develops, builds and operates green electricity power plants in 21 countries, for its own owner-operator account and for third parties.

Sun, wind, water, plants … by drawing upon natural and renewable resource, EDF EN aims at providing low-carbon energy at a competitive cost.EDF Energies Nouvelles gives priority to the development of wind energy and solar photovoltaics. Focused on the evolution of other emerging technologies, the company is also a player in distributed energies, energy storage and marine energy.

EDF subsidiary, EDF Energies Nouvelles contributes to the Group’s ambitions in renewable energy. Largest producer of low carbon electricity and actor of the energy transition, the EDF Group plans to double its renewable park by 2030 from 28 GW to 50 GW (including hydro) as part of its strategic project “CAP 2030”.

A dynamic development

Based on four axes:

  • Low Carbon Energy: continued investment in our core industries, wind power (onshore and offshore) and solar photovoltaics.
  • International: strengthening our international positions by focusing our development and reinforcing each key countries, including France.
  • Innovation: to participate in the emergence of new technologies in the marine energies (floating wind, tidal), energy storage or solar photovoltaic, contribute to technological optimization of mature renewable energy and the development of industrial clusters.
  • Partnerships: focus on local partnerships to enter new markets and promote local economic activity.

A growing market

EDF Energies Nouvelles benefited from buoyant market conditions with continued growth for several years, supported by the falling cost of renewable energy and by their expansion in emerging countries.

At the time of the energy transition, renewables represent an increasing share of production facilities in the world. The COP21 reiterated their role in the fight against climate change, committing countries to promote and continue to invest in these new technologies.

Growing importance of renewable energies

  • Share of global electricity production: supplies 13% of global electricity in 2015 (against 2% in 2000), excluding hydropower
  • Lowering costs – 40% since 2010 for the price of land turbines; – 80% for solar modules *

*Source IRENA