To produce alternate energies that offset CO2 emissions and speed up the move to a “low carbon” economy, EDF Energies Nouvelles daily operations are based on a long-term view of its activities.

A method and a socially responsible management

• Ensure the profitability of our energies and activities. And guarantee the performance of our power plants,
• Help reduce costs. Target viable renewable energies that can compete with traditional sources,
• Contribute to the start of a green economy. Create new industries and jobs.

Target performance

• Ensure sustainable, profitable growth for everyone: employees, investors, and partners,
• Make knowledgeable choices: promising markets, better technologies, and significant investments,
• Optimise ‘24 hours a day, 7 days a week’ power plant monitoring.

Maintain quality

• Develop the best project: a successful landscape and local implantation, accurate wind and solar energy capacities, diligence concerning vulnerable territories,
• Protect the environment with good business practices, to limit the impact of plant activities on surrounding areas. Restore sites at plant ‘end-of-life’,
• Cooperate with service providers: optimisation of plant life cycles, eco-design and reinforcement of recycling technologies,
• Scrutinize installation excellence: plant construction precision and equipment maintenance,
• A comprehensive approach of environnemental issues awarded with the ISO 14001 certification since 2005.

Demonstrate citizen responsibility

• Stimulate local economies, to create wealth across territories,
• Participate in the birth of future industries by aiming for and encouraging innovation.