To prepare its future, EDF Energies Nouvelles identifies innovative technologies and makes selective investments.


Offshore wind energy: first projects in Europe

UK: The subsidiary EDF Energy Renewables has launched the construction of Teesside offshore wind project (62 MW) at the North East of England. France: EDF EN has, on behalf of a consortium consisting of strategic partners, submitted four projects in response to the French offshore wind energy call for tenders. Belgium: EDF EN participates in C-Power consortium concerning the Thorntonbank offshore project with its 325MW installed capacity at a distance from Belgium coastlines.


Marine energy/Focus on waves

EDF EN has a partnership with Carnegie, which holds the rights to the CETO technology, for the production of electricity from wave energy. This partnership has given EDF EN exclusive use of CETO technology in the northern hemisphere and on Reunion island. An agreement has also been signed with DCNS for system engineering and oversee implementation of EDF EN projects with CETO technology.


Biogas: Strategic shareholdings

EDF Energies Nouvelles acquired shareholdings in American company Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings which has the expertise and know-how to process biogas from waste landfills and treatment plants.


Biomass: expansion in a niche

EDF Energies Nouvelles has developped a biomass project in Spain involving the use of fried olive pulp as fuel. The facility is localted in Lucena (Andalusia). It has an installed capacity of 26 MW and is able to process 180,000 tons of olive pulp annually.