Rise of the segment:
high stakes and leadership ambitions

The company occupies a leading position in the emergence of this new industry with many years’ experience gained through project development in Europe.

A mature technology

As a mature technology, offshore wind installed on the seabed allows the development of large projects, benefiting from strong and steady winds. It effectively helps diversify the energy mix while helping to create economic growth with the development of a competitive industrial sector.

A growing market

Since the early 1990s and the installation of the first offshore wind farms in Northern Europe, the market has grown considerably. In the single year 2015, the installed capacity in Europe has grown by over 27% to 11,027 MW of cumulative capacity.
Among the major countries developing offshore wind, the UK has around 45.9% of the installed capacity with 5,061 MW. Germany (3295 MW) and Denmark (1271 MW) complete the top three. (Source Wind Europe)

France: 3 major projects

Winner in 2012 of the first call for tenders for wind at sea launched by the government, EDF Energies Nouvelles is developing three projects on the French coastlines. In 2020, they will provide the equivalent of the electricity consumption of more than 2 million people.

Europe: Rise in competence

EDF Energies Nouvelles has built, step by step and on several projects, an extensive experience covering all existing technologies with dedicated teams.

  • C-Power – 2009 and 2013 : 325 MW in operation – Belgium
    The beginnings in bottom-fixed offshore wind using 54 Senvion wind turbines within a consortium of international actors. Jacket-type foundations. More information on C-Power website.
  • Teesside – 2013 : 62 MW in operation – United-Kingdom
    An offshore windfarm composed of 27 Siemens wind turbines entirely developped, built and operated by EDF Energies Nouvelles. Monopile foundations.
  • Østerild – 2016 : Test site – Danemark
    Onshore test of a 6 MW Haliade-150 wind turbine from General Electric
  • Blyth – 2017 : 41 MW in construction – United Kingdom
    An offshore wind farm composed of 5 Vestas wind turbines built off Newcastle shores. It will be equipped with innovative gravity foundations, transported by flotation from their construction site.

Mastering offshore Operation and Maintenance

We are developing our expertise in the marine environment as of today in order to be operational during sea operations, while strongly leveraging from our onshore experience. Since April 2015, we support the O&M provider of a 400MW wind farm in German sea, through our subsidiary REETEC.